Hello! Hopefully this reaches you. My name is Cameron, and Irsquo;ve been a fan – Chris Beard email address

Cameron Walker sent a message to Chris Beard Interim CEO, Mozilla Corporation email address that said:

Hello! Hopefully this reaches you. My name is Cameron, and Ive been a fan of Firefox since I first learned how to use a browser in fourth grade, and I love it even more after learning about Mozilla and your battle to keep the internet free and your software open source.

Firstly, I want to congratulate and thank the Firefox team on Quantum. Its officially my go to browser on every platform, even in beta. Your developers and designers really put in a lot of work and it shows.

Secondly, I have a question. Im a huge fan, but there seems to be no clear way to show that. I understand there have been merchandise stores in the past, but theyve since been discontinued. Having seen that theres stuff being made for distribution at events for fans, is there any way I can purchase or be sent some to show my support? Id be happy to provide you my agreed if so.

I fully understand if theres a reason this isnt feasible. No matter what, youre still my favorite browser, and my favorite company 🙂

-Cameron W.

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