Hello, I am a customer of Autonation and because of recent service needs I am – Michael J Jackson email address

Beatriz sent a message to Michael J. Jackson Chief Executive Officer of AutoNation Inc. Email Address that said:

Hello, I am a customer of Autonation and because of recent service needs I am very dissatisfied with the service. I have never given bad reviews to a company before. But I have no choice at this time. After 4 days of your service department checking my car i was advised the warranty service sold to me by your dealer would not cover repairs. My car fails to turn on at random times. Sometimes weeks will go by and all working then you try to start it and it will not start. I have replaced the battery. I have proof it is new. I was told again by the service team it was the battery. I went to auto zone and took them the battery check paper. They told me after another battery check. The battery was new and in perfect condition. So now my car continues to give me issues but autonation charged me 115.00 to do nothing. Also, 2nd issue.. I don't think it is normal for the car A/C to run while the car is off. And no key is in the ignition. This was also mentioned to the technician. I was informed by your service team they did not detected any issues after keeping my car for 4 days. So now we are making this up. When it happens again I will record it on my phone and maybe they will believe me. It appears the car has some type of electrical issue. But autonation and the warranty insurance they sold me will not fix it. I am extremely disappointed and a very unhappy and dissatisfied customer. Maybe as you are the CEO they will listen to you. By the way, how important is your car to you. Well it is extremely important to me as I work about 10 miles away from my home. And was not approved or provided a car loaner during the service check.
Thanks for your time.

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