Hello, I am sending this email to the only corporate email address I can locate – Antonio Urcelay email address

Christa sent a message to Antonio Urcelay Chairman and CEO, Toys R Us, Inc. that said:

Hello, I am sending this email to the only corporate email address I can locate with hopes that it will be forwarded to the appropriate department/person. Customer services has been thus far not showed the level of concern I would expect for this type of issue.


-The crib from my registry was purchased by my sister, it was given to us early (prior to shower) as doctor told us we may go early and we wanted to get nursery ready.
-Upon opening and attempting to build the crib significant damage/defects/poor quality/quality issues/safety issues were noticed. (see attached photos)
-Upon calling/chatting on line with customer service I was told about the "return policy". This item was 1) DAMAGED/DEFECTIVE and 2)a purchase off my registry for my shower which is scheduled for 4/16/16 - therefor has a 1 YEAR RETURN POLICY. This phone call on 3/18/16 was 57 minutes and I was transferred multiple times.
-I specified a number of times that the pick up of the defective crib was to be from MY ADDRESS (the address on the registry), when the shipping company called to schedule that pick up they had to get back to us because a change order was needed as the pick up was scheduled at my sisters address incorrectly.
-Replacement crib was then shipped to my sisters address which is extremely inconvenient! After I repeatedly asked if it it be shipped to me at the address listed on my registry. Answer was simply, No. My husband had to rent a truck from Home Depot for $70 to pick up the replacement. (see attached chat log)
-The replacement was received is in the same awful if not worse condition. (see attached photos and chat conversation)
-I posted a review (logged in to BRU) on 3/18/16 for this item including photos attached named CRIB1 and CRIB1a, this review mysteriously is not there, still to this date. THIS IS A HUGE PROBLEM AND BASICALLY CENSORSHIP AND MISLEADING SELLING PRACTICES IN MY OPINION. My review was not favorable, but it was honest and would greatly help other mothers in not making the same mistake I have 2x.
-Suprised again when I searched around other retails I was able to easily find other reviews of this exact crib outlining the same issues I had with this on, just none on BRU, is this a coincidence? It does not seem that way since my review has yet to be posted.

My main issues is how extremely inconvenienced I have been over this crib in my 8th month of pregnancy, the lack of concern or responsibility BRU has taken and the attempt to censor VALID, HELPFUL reviews from the website. THIS IS A ISSUE FOR ME.

I dont feel that customer service has taken seriously how the safety of a baby is an issue when it comes to the quality issues with this crib.

The reasons the cribs were returned and poorly reviewed:
(as shown in photos)
-Raw unfinished edges painted over
-Visible saw grooves
-Splintering around edges
-Yellow paint seeping from seams
-Paint chipping INSIDE THE CRIB (and elsewhere)
-Gauges in the wood painted over
-A strong paint/glue odor
**** THESE ARE ALL SAFETY ISSUES FOR A NEWBORN/TODDLER ETC***** That I expect BRU Quality control to take seriously. I have received no follow up, I have actually received more headaches than help and am very displeased at this point with BRU! I am also shocked my review has been censored and I wonder how many others that could have helped me were censored as well.

If BRU does not remedy this situation, pay attention to the quality issues with this MADE IN CHINA CRIB and quickly explain why my review has been censored I will being posting this review and details on as many social media sites as I can because I feel other mothers/expecting should be spared the issues I have had. I also have a good mind to return every single item from my registry and go purchase them elsewhere if this is how the company treats customers, opinions and quality control issues.

This situation is extremely unfair, shows poor product quality and lack of customer service.

Please get back to me soon.

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