Hello, I am writing to you because of the disappointment that I had with Ryanair: – Michael OLeary email address

Anamaria sent a message to Michael O’Leary – CEO, Ryanair – Email Address that said:

Hello, I am writing to you because of the disappointment that I had with Ryanair: me and my boyfriend flew with Ryanair from Stansted airport to VErona airport on 10.04.16 flight no FR4541 and when we checked in at 2:30 am( Stand F, gate 23) your employee missed to put the bag claim receipt on our luggage and she hasnt sent the luggage to the plain therefore we end up on holiday without our luggage.you can imagine our disappointment when we arrived in VErona and we had no luggage . We had to spend money on clothes, tooth paste, tooth brush, underwear, and so on €330 for something that it was not our fault , plus when we bought our tickets we paid £24 for the luggage each way( for a bag that was left by your employee in Stansted airport and never travel with us) booking ref no RHN8UB.on top of all this I had to spend all my day (Sunday 10.04.16) first day of holiday on phone calls trying to find out what happened and where my luggage is costing me a further £40, I called the airport in Stansted , I called Ryanair as well and one of your employee named Helen Apologised for what happened and said that her colleague from check in desk mentioned to her that she forgot to send the luggage they and she is very sorry. Sorry doesnt change anything. On Sunday (10.04) I received a phone call from a man from airport saying that they found the luggage , when I asked where I've been told was on the same desk where we checked in( very disappointed). Finnally we manage to get our luggage back on Monday 11.04.16 at 7:30 pm ( I had to go back to the airport in Verona and pick it up) . I opened my luggage and guess what? I had things missing from my luggage ( my iPhone charger £50, my boyfriends parfume Tom FORD 50 ml was opened and emptied more than half £56) Really? Why ?on our way back from Verona airport to Stansted airport on 13.04.16(as you can see was just a 3 days holiday , from which half I didnt have my luggage) flight no FR4542 I am getting charged an extra €70 for excess of kilograms for the same luggage that got lost by you , for clothes that I had to buy because of your mistake and unprofessionalism , what I was meant to do? To put those clothes in the bin?when we arrived back to Stansted I went to your Ryanair customer service desk there were 6 ladies all busy drinking coffee and chatting, when I explained to them my problem they start laughing and one of them called me stupid and laughing in my face , Ive asked them for a phone no, or an email address or to give me advice to who I had to talk but they refuse saying that they dont work for Ryanair they are just waiting for someone in there( really? All 6 where wearing Ryanair uniform and were at the Ryanair desk)now you can imagine how I fell about all of this, it is disgusting to be treated like this and also all my holiday was ruined by you(Ryanair)
I am waiting For you to contact me , I have all the receipts to prove the above

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