Hello, I had an unfortunate occurrence last month. I signed onto my insurance company to – William H Rogers Jr email address

Teresa sent a message to William H. Rogers, Jr. – Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of SunTrust Banks – Email Address that said:

I had an unfortunate occurrence last month. I signed onto my insurance company to make a payment on my auto insurance. I thought I had backed out of making the payment because I didn’t have the funds at that time and I still had a week or so to make the payment. However, somehow the payment processed and my account was debited for $110.00 of which I did not have. This caused my account to overdraft. I also had Netflix to hit causing another overdraft. Suntrust agreed to remove one overdraft fee and I appreciate that. I was advised to prevent further overdraft fees in the future that I could remove overdraft protection which I did on 5/6/16. I was not advised that it only applied to certain transactions and not all. I acted in good faith believing I had prevented future overdraft fees by removing the protection. I have since opened a new checking account with another bank. I wanted to leave this account open for a week or so to give me time to update all my bill payment sites with my new bank information. Planet Fitness hit my account for $10.00 and I had $9.16 in my account. I have been charged $36.00 fee again. Suntrust paid 16 cents on my behalf. Please take into account that I tried to act responsibly and I have been a good customer for many months. Please is there any way to have the overdraft fee reversed? I want to close this account. I live on a very limited budget and I simply don’t have the money to cover this overdraft fee. I have been in contact with Suntrust via chat and was advised that they would not reverse this fee. I explained that I simply didn't have $36.00 to cover theses fees as I live on a limited budget.

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