Hello: I have been a customer of 5/3… way before it was 5/3… clear back – Greg D Carmichael

Roy C Johnson sent a message to Greg D. Carmichael ? Chief Executive Officer of Fifth Third Bancorp ? Email Address that said:

Hello: I have been a customer of 5/3... way before it was 5/3... clear back to 1973.
My problem.. on 3/30/18 I got hit be an overdraft amount of $ 74.00... wow.. $74.00 for such a FEW MINUTES OVERDRAFT... by a few minutes was about the same time as the overdraft was put on record.. My account received a midnight deposit from the VA for $ 3,245.28... I lost my left leg in Nam in the 60"s above knee.. went to college and worked 43 years in an office as a CFO, Comptroller, Office Mgr. and accountant for a 50 million a year sales worldwide company.. this co. did bus also with you in 60's 70's etc. I called you 888 number and the gal on other end was not very customer oriented.. she said sorry an overdraft can't be changed.. this was on last Sunday.. and I do not appreciate her attitude.. I need someone to reverse this PLEASE . YOU ALSO RECEIVE 2ND WED. IN MONTH SOC. SEC FOR ME AND MY WIFE... help... pLEASE Roy C Johnson elsieroy@outlook.com

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