Hello I have been dealing with the Home Owners Adjuster through the local office in – Jeffrey F Harrold email address

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I have been dealing with the Home Owners Adjuster through the local office in Minnesota, and he has been polite and courteous, so no problem with that.

Here's the problem- Hail damage to roof, along with gutters and garage door.

Several contractors looked at roof, and said that there is damage to shingles and the metals on the roof.

Insurance adjuster agreed to damage to garage door, gutters, and metals on roof, agreeing to replace 5 skylights, valley metal, chimney cap, gutters. Also agreed to replace shingles around skylights, but didn't see enough damage to replace all shingles.

Spoke with Insurance company preferred contractor - Told me that it wasn't worth turning in, and that he could put some new metal over the skylights, and to wait for next hail storm, and turn in all damage at that time. Also said that that gutters were probably dented from someone chipping ice out of them (who does that?).

I'm concerned that the new shingles around the 5 skylights will stand out, and look terrible affecting my resale value. Auto Owners Insurance is telling me that they don't have to match due to faded shingles.

I've paid a lot for insurance for many years, and have not filed a Homeowners claim. Now when I have damage, they don't want to cover it.

Letting you know that I am not happy with your insurance company.


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