Hello, I hope that this really is the CEO of Family Dollar. I am currently – Howard R Levine email address

ANONOYMOUS sent a message to Howard R. Levine – Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Family Dollar – Email Address that said:

Hello, I hope that this really is the CEO of Family Dollar. I am currently employed with your company, and I am at the end of my career if things dont change soon!! I dont want to give out my name right away because I am worried about retaliation and I really need my pay check. I am supporting my son alone while going to school full time. I am so exhausted and I am not sure who to go to anymore because it seems as if no one cares. I have numerous pictures I took today, and if youd like to see them I can email them to you just let me know. It looks like a tornado went through it. I was hired in almost a year ago to get this store up and running in proper condition. But now here we are a year later and its worse than before. Our fire exits are completely blocked off I feel unsafe. If we were to have a fire at the front of the store wed all die in the building. I have pictures...This happens frequently, if a fire marshall goes in the manager on duty tells the cashier go unblock the back door and ill keep him busy up here. It really makes me mad. The clinets in this area dont help they literally trash the store. We have more shrink than I ve ever seen and Ive been doing retail 11 years now. This has by far been the worst company I ve ever worked for. I make 8.24 and hour after 11 years of retail experience, but my little sister whos never had a job gets hired in at mcdonalds starting 8.25. How is that fair?! Its not..And as much effort and time I have put into this place I should deserve a raise, but I wont because our raises are built of inventory and we never have a good inventory because of all the shrink. I am the only person whos lasted at this store a year. Just 3 months ago I had my entire crew including store managers assistants cashiers everyone quit. I wanted to walk with them but I cant afford to walk out of a job. I really wish I could because I wouldve a long time ago. Ive had 4 different store managers since I started here last june. Thats ridculous..Ive never worked for a place that goes through associates the way we do....This store is dirty the bathrooms are disgusting. It all in all is a hazardous nasty mess, and needs help from you and everyone up there on the ladder because ive been through many people and nobody seems to care. Crossing my fingers and praying you take the time to read this and email me back. I AM DESPERATE. I dont wana look for another job all in all I really enjoy the company but somethings gota give. I cant keep doing this anymore. I come home angry because I had such an awful day at work and then take it out on my family and friends. thats not fair to them or me. Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you.


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