Hello, I know that this may sound incredibly insane but I have often wondered and – Matthew S Levatich email address

James Loyd Sevier sent a message to Matthew S. Levatich - President and Chief Executive Officer of Harley-Davidson, Inc. - Email Address that said:

Hello, I know that this may sound incredibly insane but I have often wondered and thought of what would happen if you made it where just about everyone could afford a Harley-Davidson. To undercut every motorcycle manufacturer in the world with the best bike ever built in the world by Americans for Americans. Kind of like Ford did with his automobiles. Not only would it knock the foreign motorcycle world on its ass but wouldnt it be the most amazing sight to see these beautiful machines in almost every driveway with advertising fueled by the sheer beauty, economy, freedom and power offered by the oldest and most respected motorcycle in the world. To satisfy my own curiosity I was wondering if you would mind telling me why if I were to try to do something like that would it not work. Hurdles at first Im sure but I would really like to know why this couldnt/wouldnt work from you. You didnt get where you are today for no reason. Thank you for your time. Respectfullly, James Sevier, Sgt USMC Vet. P. S. Your response if any is strictly between you and I and for my own curiosity. Growing up as a kid on a ranch with my Grandfather and uncles always having them around and the pride they had in them like our horses have always made me wonder why everyone didnt have one. Much, much older now I just had to pose this question to someone who knew instead of someone who has no idea and had too many beers.

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