Hello, I purchased an intex hottub about 5 weeks ago in the Brockton, MA location – Edward Lampert email address

Richard  sent a message to Edward Lampert – Chairman and CEO of Sears Holdings – Email Address that said:

I purchased an intex hottub about 5 weeks ago in the Brockton, MA location; I ordered it online and received the receipt in store for the online order, which had no price on it, and I was given no other receipt. When I tried to return the hottub at the Cranston, RI location I had absolutely horrible customer service. I'm trying to return a $500 defective hot tub 5 weeks after purchasing.. this is not a small, inexpensive return and NO ONE worked with us!! We did not install it right away because of the change in weather so about 2 weeks ago was the first time we installed it and used it .. Shortly after installation, the filter stopped working, it would not get any warmer than 75 degrees, and after thoroughly examining the inside and outside of the plastic tub itself, for a hole to patch because it kept deflating.. There was no hole ANYWHERE!
After getting nowhere with the Cranston Manager, I spoke with the Brockton supervisor, George, who told me to try to talk to the manufacturer and "there's nothing I can do, it's not my problem it doesn't work".. well it's not my fault it's defective either, but the problem now is I'm out almost $500. Kmart has always been a no hassle experience any and every time I have shopped there; and I would have liked to just exchange it for one that works. However, at this point I am highly dissatisfied with the product and the customer service I've experienced and I would like a full refund. Furthermore, I hope to work WITH Kmart on this matter, which will determine my future purchases with Kmart and all of its affiliations.

Thank you and look forward to hearing from you,

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