Hello I purchased my CPO Audi Q5 on Thursday, April 29th at 8:00 pm from – O Bruton Smith email address

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I purchased my CPO Audi Q5 on Thursday, April 29th at 8:00 pm from the Audi West Houston dealership. Being it was so late into the evening, I did not have time to go over any of my car or get my car detailed. I did not even have my drivers license on me, but the dealership was so eager to sell me the car, they financed and let me drive off with the car anyways. My sales person Ray Wiliams, told me that since it was raining all weekend, to bring it in the following week in order to get it detailed and go over any car issues.

Being that I work all week, and this location is far from my house. I scheduled my visit the following Saturday on May 6. During this visit I asked a few questions regarding my vehicle and told him that I noticed shortly after that the driver's side mirror was hit so hard by something that it was popped out of place. Ray told me right away that a certified vehicle should not have that and told me he'd schedule a service appointment. I was sent to servicing, where I picked a service date and time. Then I was told, there was a mistake that this would not be fixed for me. The sales manager, Mack Albukhari, informed me that it was not his fault that I did not notice this before I left the dealership. He continued by stating that even though he acknowledges that this damage could not have been caused in a parking lot, during ordinary driving (something that occurred while in my possession and me not realizing it) that because I failed to call right away it was not his problem. I stated that I believed I was still continuing my buying experience, as I did not have time to do anything the day of my purchase and that buying a certified car, I expected that the dealership looked over the car carefully. He said he would look into it and give me a concession of some sort, left and came back to tell me because it was too much to fix, he would not give me anything and that maybe I should try claiming my insurance. The fact that he is suggesting I claim my insurance for something that was damaged when i purchased the vehicle is appalling to me.

The treatment I received at this dealership, was shocking to me. My visit went from helping me to shoving me out the door without any concern for my purchase. The lack of respect, and treatment from the sales manager is unacceptable. Had I bothered to read reviews on this dealership before my purchase, I would have realized how poorly customer service is at this location. As a corporate office, I believe it is important for you to know how this dealership is giving Sonic Automotive a bad name.

I will not be purchasing another vehicle from this dealership again.



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