Hello, i wanted to make a suggestion or note or complaint i dont know how to – Mark Fields email address

tareq sent a message to Mark Fields – President and Chief Executive Officer of Ford Motor Company email address that said:

i wanted to make a suggestion or note or complaint i dont know how to call it .
To make it short , i live in Jordan ( Middle east )
and cars here are more expensive than mostly any other place on earth because the tax on cars can reach 200%
so if a car costs 10000 in usa here it can cost 20000
anyways this is not an issue , the jordan governement facilitates life for disabled people by allowing them to buy a car without tax which is a very nice initiative but with one option , the car has to be maximum 1600 cc or 1.6 , so out of all the cars in the same category i searched i really liked the New FORD ESCAPE 2016 1.6 ECOBOOST and was plainning to buy it untl i contacted the FORD DEALER IN JORDAN and asked him if they had the 1.6 FORD ESCAPE ECOBOOST car only to have an answer of a NO
they only have bigger engine models .

SO M QUESTION IS : how can a dealer of a very reputable company like ford In JORDAN not have a very basic model like FORD ESCAPE 1.6 ?

i would really appreciate if i had an answer or at least if you consider this point

as i would have been a very happy potential costumer but unfortunatley your dealer doesnt offer that engine

thank you have a nice day

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