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Rebecca sent a message to Larry Ellison Co-Founder and CEO, Oracle Corporation – email address that said:


I'm a wife, mother of five boys, and full time employee. I have reached my limits and am in constant distress over our finances. As I mentioned, I am employed, along with my husband. We have been married for 10 years now. We look for additional side jobs and other ways to increase our income. We don't sit back and do nothing. We made a goal to get out of debt and debt is just a snowball. I am trying to evade the option of bankruptcy; however, it becomes more and more difficult to make our payments.

Credit cards make it so easy to make poor financial choices. Our intent was to always pay in full each month; however, when another item arises, the card isn't paid in full, and there is the snowball that mounts higher and higher.

I am not begging. I am simply asking if you can contribute to our family's goal of getting out of debt and kicking it to the curb. I'm aware that you don't know me. It will be pretty easy to brush this off. However, with all courtesy intended, please consider in helping us to rid this once and for all, as it's easier for someone, as yourself, that has been financially blessed in abundance to help pay down debt, than it is with my income. If you contribute, I will send a receipt back confirming that it has been paid towards the debt to be held accountable.

Our total credit card debt is $40,000:
If 4 people contributed $10,000, the debt would be gone.
If 10 people contributed $4,000, the debt would be gone.
If 20 people contributed $2,000, the debt would be gone.
If 100 people contributed $400, the debt would be gone.
If any amount is contributed, the debt will be gone sooner.

What makes my situation any different than anyone else requesting? Well, we are a middle class family that is simply tired of being slaves to debt. This takes a lot to remove my pride for asking and requesting. We try and live honorably by doing our part in the world of working, providing for our family, and being good citizens. I would hope one day that I would be in a position as yourself, where I would have the opportunity to pay it forward and lift another family up. I also hope one day to be in a counselor position to help others who struggle with finances.

I have a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Management and would be willing to do virtual administrative work to pay this down.

I am reaching out to you with high hopes to rid of financial despair once and for all.

I appreciate your time in reviewing this. If you would like to contribute,

Thank you so much for your consideration.



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