Hello ! I’m a YG fan since BIGBANG’s debuts until now. In recent years, you share – YangHyun Suk email address

Jérôme sent a message to Yang Hyun Suk – Founder and CEO, YG Entertainment – Email Address that said:

Hello !
I'm a YG fan since BIGBANG's debuts until now.
In recent years, you share albums of your artists with instrumentals, acapellas and musics recorded! I don't know why you stopped to share it in 2015 for iKON's debuts. I always bought these albums on iTunes because I love listening to the instrumentals and acapellas, I want you to put on sale again his albums with INST, ACCA, MR (iKON, BLACKPINK, PSY, LEE HI, AKDONG MUSICIAN , WINNER, SECHSKIES, MOBB, CL, ...) so that I can continue to listen to the news and instrumentals acapellas.
Please YG.
Or if you don't want to share these INST, ACCA, MR to the world on iTunes, just send it to me via email, I promise I will never leaked them on internet, just for me. Really YG I need to hear them.

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