Hello I’m from the UK. I am so dissapointed with your UK sales on line – Robert Iger email address

Deborah sent a message to Robert Iger – Chairman and CEO, The Walt Disney Company – Email Address that said:

Hello I'm from the UK .
I am so dissapointed with your UK sales on line and head office attitude.
I have tried purchasing your minnie micky Christmas stockings wit no success
Then minnie was back on line I purchased it had it personalised and paid for delivery .
I received an email with the date I would receive it so we still couldn't get micky so I purchased a micky soft toy paid to have him personalised bought a plain stocking which micky would be attached to all was great.
A week later I get a cancellation email saying I won't be getting minnie as she's out of stock .
I rang your UK head office and ws told you won't be getting it its out of stock so I told the rude man I paid more than 15.00 I paid for postage the name he said well you will get refunded cause your not getting it when I asked to speak to a manager he told me there was a 24 hour queue to speak to a manager and they would tell me the same your not getting the item .
How rude do your staff have to be I am absolutely gutted I have let my granddaughter down she has been through so much and she loves minine mouse I will not purchase again from your company as rudeness I cannot deal with .
I know it was only a stocking but it was her stocking her choice I feel I have promised her a stocking which now she won't receive you need to put your head office UK staff on a customer service course I work in customer service and I would never ever treat or let down my customers like Disney UK do have a look at the reviews on line I could not believe what I was reading I wish I had read them before I ordered .

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