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Hello.. I’m Kevin. 16 year old, Hispanic kid from Minnesota. I’ve always had a dream – Herbert Hainer email address

Kevin sent a message to Herbert Hainer – Chief Executive Officer of Adidas AG email address that said:

Hello.. I'm Kevin. 16 year old, Hispanic kid from Minnesota. I've always had a dream about getting into the fashion game. On my free time all I really do is look at pictures of your clothing im truly inspired. Basically I'm here to ask if y'all could send me clothing.. A sponsorship I guess or whatever you want to call it. You guys probably get this often or don't even read these requests but please bare with me.. I don't want to put this opportunity to waste, I want to make something big.. Inspire the youth! Help inspire the kids from my school to your clothing. Inspire everyone to your clothing. Everyone at my school are the same. American eagle, Hollister, etc.. There's no creativity in that!! I want to represent Adidas. I want to represent the dreamers!! I speak truth to power. Please help me become art.. Thank you.
P.s. here's my phone number if you want to contact me..

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