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Joe Hollister sent a message to John B. Koch, Chief Executive Officer and President, PODS Enterprises, Inc. - email address that said:

Hello John,
I am writing to you because I have to inform you about the recent experience I had with your company. It was the worst business transaction I can recall and the most frustrating consumer experience in my adult life.
Please allow me to set the details of my PODS experience from Sacramento to Brentwood, California. From mid-July to mid-August.
ISSUE NUMBER 1- The PODS unit was delivered to my long driveway as scheduled however it was dropped just enough to be about 8 feet on the property line. Using satellite imagery the sales person agreed we could have the PODS delivered 9 feet from the garage. This was a difference of 45 feet. After an aggravating back and forth the PODS customer service team and no immediate response the driver returned at the end of the day, but due to schedule issues we had no choice but to load it where it was stationed originally. We no longer needed it repositioned 6 hours after it was dropped off. While it may seem little to you, moving items an extra 40 feet is backbreaking and multiply that experience some 40+ times and we have wasted valuable time and energy in the process. Knowing that the PODS would be dropped where it was I would have called UHAUL and backed the truck up myself to the correct location.
ISSUE NUMBER 2- On delivery the PODS equipment cracked my driveway while repositioning or dropping the PODS. There is picture and video evidence of the tire tracks on the driveway and a sizeable new crack to my concrete driveway. As part of the original phone call we raised the issue with the PODS customer service where I was asked to file a claim. After submitting several pictures and commentary via email, leaving two voicemails and 3 follow up emails… today I finally received a CLAIM DENIED email. That was the 2nd response from PODS on this matter, the first was a form letter from a member of the claim team almost a month ago. PODS considers this matter closed but we do not.
ISSUE 3- When the PODS was delivered I was unable to open the PODS door more than about 8 inches. After trying myself for about 30 minutes I was on the phone again with PODS CS. Again there was no desire to resolve the matter, day of, and we scheduled an appointment for after 2 PM the following day. We were clear on the schedule because we were at work and I was taking off after lunch to be home by 1:15, which I was. On the day the driver was to return the PODS driver called us in the morning to see if were available. This was so frustrating, we told them as scheduled (you can pull the recorded line for all this) we will be home by 2 pm. The appointment was for 2 PM. The PODS driver considered the matter closed. This was unreal and again a total disregard for our plans as paying customers. When we called back we received a defensive stance saying all times are estimates. But we confirmed with the representative we would be home after 2pm. In hindsight there was no need to take off work.
Regardless, with some discussion with a CS rep, I was able to open the faulty door a day later. Keep in mind I was able to look under the door and saw no obstruction. So again our timeline was irrelevant. After some light pressing on the left side runner of the door, it became unjammed and I was able to solve the door issue.
ISSUE NUMBER 4- Extensive damage inside the PODS unit to my belongings. A broken lamp, shattered to the concrete base. Severe damage to all three bookshelves, irregularities to the sofa and piece of the desk cracked. The items were covered and strapped. Clearly there was severe negligence in the transportation of the items. Yesterday I left a message to start the damage claim waiver on my belongings. I have not received any communication.
As for my next course of action. I am getting estimates on the cracked driveway and a power wash to remove the tire tracks left. I am preparing values for the items damaged as well.
Keep in mind none of this puts any value on a reasonable customer experience or the time wasted both loading and on the phone, probably around 12 hours by now.
My next steps are to contact both the Bay Area and Sacramento BBB to let them know of the experience. Create a YELP account to leave a review. Contact the ABC, NBC, FOX, and CBS TV affiliates in Sacramento and the Bay Area that run consumer protection segments on situations just like this. Were the customer has been wronged and appeals by the customer for resolution have been stonewalled.
My final step will be to litigate.
I am writing to let you know my experience and to reach someone with some authority to supersede the defensive customer service tactics in place.
Im looking for an apology and money to repair/replace the damaged items.

Thank you,

Joe Hollister

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