Hello Kevin, Hope your are doing great. I have been a part of Concentrix for – Kevin Murai email address

Dinesh Taneja sent a message to Kevin Murai - President and Chief Executive Officer of Synnex Corporation - Email Address that said:

Hello Kevin,

Hope your are doing great.

I have been a part of Concentrix for last 10.9 years. I started my career from an agent level and till yesterday that was 09th Aug 2017 i was working as an Assistant Manager Operations in Amazon account in Gurgaow location. Yesterday i was told that i have been terminated from the company.

There was a case that was going on with the Case management team against me for Financial fraud for last three months.

I understand that my Id has been misused and incorrect concessions have been processed . But , It has been incorrectly ascertained that I have willfully committed financial misconduct . If you check the details, the CC belongs to someone else ( X Employee of the company and my team) and I have not been benefited with the amount at all. I can provide with all the relevant documents which can prove that I am innocent and have no involvement in any of the misconducts.

I have provided evident facts in my show cause notice replies which strongly proves that concessions have not been processed by me and i am not aware of how they happend and who did them. All the relevant facts have been ignored and it has been mis concluded that I have been benefited of the amount without any proof or evidence. I earn my bread and butter from here and can never indulge myself in such activities and abuse the business guidelines whatsoever.

I have given my heart out for this company and today here i am with no salary for last two months and have been in a real bad conditions.I stay in a rented house and i am the only earning member in my family.In my entire tenure i have not been found indulge in any malpractices and have never got any warning letter. I have been a top performer as you have all my records to check that.

Kevin please help me in getting the recovery amount ie 1,43,000 waived as i do not have money to pay and i am in real bad financial situation.

Kevin you are my last hope.Please help me.

Dinesh Taneja
E:id 70768
Location:Gurgaow India

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