Hello Laura, My name is Lori . I have a complaint. I made a payment – Laura J Alber email address

Lori sent a message to Laura J. Alber Director, President, and CEO, Williams-Sonoma – email address that said:

Hello Laura,

My name is Lori. I have a complaint. I made a payment to pottery barn on 4/1/16 over the phone . It asked for my check routing number and account number. It asks for it twice to confirm . Everything went through and I received a confirmation email that my payment had been received. The amount of the payment was $50.00.

I then received a letter I the mail on 4/26/16 that my payment had been returned and I was being charged a fee for the returned check. They could not tell me why it was returned and also that my pottery bar card would be closed.

I have more than enough in my account to cover the payment and there is nothing wrong with my checking account . When I called customer service they said it was an invalid routing and checking account number. That is not correct as I called my bank and they said the routing and account number is correct and they did not see any Return on my account.

I do not believe that I entered this number incorrect as it ask for it twice to confirm. I have never been late with any payment nor have I ever had a returned check . If i somehow did enter the routing and account number wrong - 1- why would it accept it and send me a payment confirmation - and 2- why would I be charged a return check fee for this?

I spend thousands of dollars at pottery barn. Is there no loyalty to a good customer anymore to try and see what happened before getting a nasty letter In the mail and closing my account ??

I feel that this fee should be waived as I certainly had the money for the payment and the system accepted my payment.

Can you please help me resolve this as customer service could not and would not waive this fee. They could not tell me what routing number and account number was entered either so how are they proving that it is invalid. My checking account is valid and fine.

I would like to get this resolved and to understand this type of treatment.


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