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Hello Meg,
My name is Janice, I live in Houston.
I Just purchased a little over a year ago the HP 8610. I have used it very little and you could probably verify this by your ink program, verifying how little I have had to replace ink.
My printhead just went out and to replace would cost almost as much as a new printer.
I feel very ripped off by HP.
I met your regional sales rep at my local Best Buy,  and was told how WONDERFUL this printer was. I informed her I have had TERRIBLE luck with HP’s in past, but she continued to sell.
I believed her on how wonderful this printer would be.
I am so disgusted, and after reading the bad reviews, even more so.

PLEASE step up and do the right thing for HP consumers.
# 1. A printhead should not cost almost as much as the printer.
# 2. Have decent Customer Service
# 3. Work with your customers so they will want to return.

I do not want to have to buy a new printhead. I cannot see paying 140.00 + on a discontinued model.
Just simply disgusted. I have purchased many much cheaper printers in my long life, and have gotten years of use.
I do love HP’s ink plan, but this issue is a HUGE downfall.

Can or will you help?
Kind regards,


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