Hello Mr. Bertolini,I have Aetna coverage through my employer. Due to a computer error – Mark Bertolini email address

Sherri sent a message to Mark Bertolini – Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Aetna – Email Address that said:

Hello Mr. Bertolini,

I have Aetna coverage through my employer. Due to a computer error at
my claims have been denied as out of network. However, they are in network
and I have been trying to get it corrected since the first invoice was sent
to me. They are on your website also and according to my plan, services are
covered with my co-pay.

It has been very frustrating and I have been calling every few weeks for
My online account has not been updated either.

Today, May 31 I have finally been put through to an expediting specialist,
which I should have been transferred to the first time I asked to speak
with a supervisor, at which time I was told to put in a complaint.

I am in a customer service position and the customer service online chat
and calling the number on my insurance card have been dismal to say the

I now have to wait another 7 business days before I know if this has been
resolved. I am going to my same lab and doctors tomorrow and I dont want
to go through this again.

If this reaches you and you would like to help me. I will respond to your
answer with my information.



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