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Hello Mr. Carlos,
My name is Charlton, I am emailing you because I invented the Safety Catch, this device, will prevent babies, kids and pets, from being locked in the car. I know Nissan is big on Safety, this Safety Device will save lives, thank you for taking time to read my message, hopefully you will see the potential this device can be for Nissan. I hope to hear from you soon and Happy Holidays to you and your family.


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Safety Catch
Charlton Reed
Patent Pending
Safety Catch is a system designed to prevent a child or pet from being left in a vehicle unattended.

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Purpose Benefits

Reminds drivers to check their vehicle when exiting for children or pets.

Prevents suffocation, hypothermia, heat stroke, and death from occurring when a child or animal is left in a vehicle.

Ensures that drivers take the extra step to look inside their vehicle after exiting.

Provides peace of mind that a child or animal will not be left unattended in a vehicle that is too hot or too cold.

Problems Solved
In today’s busy world it is not unusual for individuals to have a lapse in memory and forget that their child or pet is in the backseat of the car while on the go. This mistake can result in serious injury or death as a result of hypothermia, suffocation, or heat stroke for the child or animal. If an individual turns the car off and leaves the child or pet unattended in the vehicle, even just a few minutes is enough to have serious consequences. Parents and caregivers are often rushing around and can become easily distracted, however this type of accident can be prevented.

Detailed Description Features
Safety Catch is a vehicle alarm to prevent a child or pet from being unintentionally left in a vehicle. The device may be integrated directly into the car seat with a corresponding alarm located on the key fob. When the driver exits the vehicle, the alarm sounds to remind the driver to check the car. The device can be plugged into the cigarette lighter for power and is controlled by the key fob. This ensures that the only way the driver can turn the alert off is by clicking the button on the key fob. This ensures that the driver will turn and face the vehicle in order to turn off the alarm, thereby forcing the user to look back at the car. In the event that a child or animal was left behind, they will be noticed at this point and retrieved. The exact specifications may vary upon manufacturing.

FIGURE 1 Shows a detailed illustration of the device and its components.

FIGURE 2 Shows a detailed illustration of the controls on the key fob.

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