Hello Mr. Carmichael,Today is November 20, 2017I have been the victim of ID Theft – Greg D Carmichael email address

John Ferguson sent a message to Greg D. Carmichael Chief Executive Officer of Fifth Third Bancorp Email Address that said:

Hello Mr. Carmichael,
Today is November 20, 2017
I have been the victim of ID Theft and need your help to protect myself and Fifth Third Bank. Someone opened an account with your bank using my name and address. The account was funded and transactions made. I have provided account numbers of at least one addition account affected.

There are at least 3 people affected by this account but I can not get enough information from your firm to track down the criminal(s). I feel sure there is at least an electronic trail but 53 does not seem interested to catch the criminal. It might even be "an inside job".

I have spoken to Shannon Keller but without much information to help. Will you please help me? It has not cost me any money and we are not talking about a lot of money but I still would like to track down the bad guy(s).

There has to be more information and this type issue is hurting your firms reputation.

Please have your fraud team contact me. Skrill funded the account with ticket #08458236 and 53 open the account with reference # 2136615825 in May 2017. My dispute / claim number is C17081366531. Your online bill pay system was used to overdraft the account. Many internal transactions that should be traceable.

Like I said, it has not cost me any money but would like to catch the criminal. I expect to contact the Ohio Attorney General to request assistance with this matter also.

Can you please help me get information?
Thank you in advance.
John Ferguson

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