Hello Mr. Claure, Recently I have been having trouble with my camera on my – Marcelo Claure email address

Cheston sent a message to Marcelo Claure- the chief executive officer of Sprint Corporation- email address that said:

Hello Mr. Claure,

Recently I have been having trouble with my camera on my iPhone 6 Plus, yesterday I contacted Apple and they stated that this was a known problem and there is a recall to have the issue fixed. They stated since I don’t live near an Apple Service Provider that I should go to my Sprint Store or call Sprint Customer Service. So, last night I chatted customer service and they kept telling me that I would have to file an insurance claim with Asurion and pay a $200.00 deductible. I again told them that this is not an insurance claim and that is all they could offer. So, today I called approx. 11:30 AM EST to the Sprint Customer Care, spoke to Alice. Alice apologized and was very sincere, she put me on hold after I explained the issue, to get a manager to help her. She came back on the line after a few minutes and told me that they would do an advanced exchange for me today, all I had to do was go to the Sprint store here in my town today and they would swap out my phone, I even confirmed with her on the phone that this was the case. After I hung up, I backed up my phone, then proceeded to drive to the Sprint Store. I got to the Sprint store and the person there told me he could do nothing until a tech was there to look at my phone and that I had to come back another day. This was not what was communicated to me by the Alice. I am simply asking that my faulty phone that I make lease payments on to Sprint is replaced with a new phone that is not faulty and again like last year I get told mis-information and have to waste, time, energy, and gasoline to find out that nothing that I was told is true. This is truly a Customer Dis-Satisfaction and Dis-Service. I am sure by now you can tell that again, I am not a Happy Sprint Customer and again for the second time I was told to do something that took up my time, energy, and gasoline, just to find out it was a waste! I am very un-happy about this and now am considering just returning my equipment and calling another service provider! I am open to conversation about this and what possible solutions you or your team have to offer for this scenario!

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