Hello Mr Cornell: My name is Mrs June ! I sending this email to because I lost – Brian C Cornell email address

June sent a message to Brian C. Cornell Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer, Target Corporation – email address that said:

Hello Mr Cornell:
My name is Mrs June ! I sending this email to because I lost my job with Target today. Reason for my dismissal was because of now call no show. But made a mistake and wrote my off day on Monday of last week wrong on my calendar. So did not go to work that day because I thought was off. So when I notice that I was suppose to work I called in and talk to LOD leader for that night. He told me that don't worry about it he will document it. I talk to three other Leaders and they all said don t worry about it. That you made a mistake. I was very upset that that happen to me. I am 62 yrs old. I did not go to target to hired. I was was hoping my 20 yr old daughter would get hired but instead they hired me. That was a answer to my prayers because I am on a fixed income, that income is not enough to make ends meet. Mr Cornell I truly understand about no call no show but that was a big mistake on my part. You see Mr Cornell I have not worked for more than 6 yrs. because of my Disability. But God andswered my prayers. I was hired at your store. My only problem your team leaders all gave me false hope. By saying to me don't worry about it. It happens you made a mistake. It has happen before. So don't worry. So what do you think about that! Now I am without a Job. I enjoyed working at Target. This Store is at the Garnes Ferry Road Location in Columbia S C 29209. Plus I only live 3 to 5 mins from the store. Mr CEO would you please look into this matter so I can return to work. I know that this is Your Company Rules of No Call No Show but my was a different situation. Please call at your convenience. So I can explained.
Thank You
Mrs June
Happy Holiday To You And Family

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