Hello Mr. Goodnight-I am writing in hopes this actually finds you. I wanted to say – James Goodnight email address

Cassandra Miller sent a message to James Goodnight CEO, SAS Institute email address that said:

Hello Mr. Goodnight-

I am writing in hopes this actually finds you. I wanted to say hello ( "Hello") and ask if there is a way we can connect on LinkedIn. When I try, it says I need your email address. My husband and I have recently started our own business with the vision of helping families succeed by helping businesses succeed, and we use your quote about "treat(ing) your employees like they make a difference..." on most all of our marketing material. We are a small company currently, but I have a huge (national) vision for us. I would love to learn from individuals who didnt just care to create wealth for themselves, but wanted to create something lasting and relevant. I gather you are a highly-sought after man, and that you may not be looking to add more people to your contacts list, but I am adding "Meeting Jim Goodnight, CEO of SAS" to my bucket list, and I hope one day it happens. Im sure you are already proud of what you have accomplished, but I will say I am impressed and inspired by you.

Thank you for reading.

Cassandra Miller

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