Hello Mr. Hainer, I am writing to you today because I read an article on – Herbert Hainer email address

Danielle sent a message to Herbert Hainer – Chief Executive Officer of Adidas AG email address that said:

Hello Mr. Hainer,
I am writing to you today because I read an article on msn.com about your company signing Kayne West to a contract that will most likely net him a billion dollars. Maybe I am one of the only people to feel this way however I will not purchase anything that Kayne West puts his name on. He is a multi-millionaire who thinks he is the greatest person alive. When he speaks I do not care for anything that comes out of his mouth. Now, I have never met this man so my opinion solely based off of what I read and see on the internet and wherever his face pops up. I am sure that my opinion does not mean much to someone like you, the CEO of Adidas, who is in the business industry and looks to make money for your business. I have always liked your brand however adding this celebrity to your company has changed my mind. I will not purchase anything that this man is associated with. Someone that states that he is $53 million in debt. He has no idea what it is like to live in the real world. I am a married mother of 2 young boys and I am actually in debt, real debt. Including my mortgage, my debt is just under $200,000. I am sure that is not as bad as some people have it but there are days my husband and I go without to make sure that our children have food on the table. Does Kanye West do that? No his children wear designer clothes and jet set off to foreign countries on a daily basis and you just added to that by signing him to a contract with your company where he will see a Billion dollars for this! Even with the little money I do have I have tried to provide my boys with the brand name clothes because that is the "in" thing. I can tell you my pennies will be spent elsewhere from now on. Had you signed someone else, anyone else, to a contract I would not have cared but it is Kanye West. To me that means you don't care about your brand but only the money you will get from the people that do like him. My pennies won't hurt your bottom line I bet and that is fine. I just simply am expressing my opinion on the matter. There would have been better ways to spend money than to sign him to a contract. Help people that are in debt or the homeless or the starving. Put the money to better use than that. I could continue to ramble on but it won't do any good. If you actually read this email then thank you for listening but understand you lost a customer.

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