Hello, Mr. Harrold. I am writing to you to voice a minor concern with your – Jeffrey F Harrold email address

Kathie sent a message to Jeffrey F. Harrold – Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Auto-Owners Insurance – Email Address that said:

Hello, Mr. Harrold. I am writing to you to voice a minor concern with your company. On April 5, 2016, I submitted a claim with your company for a smoke damage claim. The adjuster (after viewing my damage) advised I should contact Servpro here in Chattanooga or another company by the name of Rainbow. I did contact Servpro as instructed and they spent over 3 hours assessing my damage. The damage was from smoke in my gas heating unit. Their quote specifically stated the heating unit and all duct work would have to be cleaned. However, a few days later my claim was denied due to the fact that pollutant damage was not included in my policy. I was very distraught and contacted your office. I was directed to the office of the Regional Vice-President for the Chattanooga office. He was very gracious and phoned the Supervisor of the adjuster for this claim. I spoke with her, and after telling her to read my estimate she would see I had smoke damage and not some unknown pollutant. She was very, very polite and agreed to review the claim and estimate. She advised she had misunderstood the information and would pay the claim. They sent the initial paperwork to my physical address; I thought I had given the adjuster my mailing address; however, I know we all make mistakes. I spoke with her once again and told her to submit my paperwork to my Post Office address. After one week of waiting I had not received any response (for the second time) from the company you represent. I phoned her once again, and gave her the correct address and she was gracious enough to send the information FEX EX overnight delivery. I received a check for a portion of the claim. It was written to Kathie Bank of America (to whom I pay my insurance premiums in my house loan) Servpro. She issued a second check to Servpro for the amount of my contents. Servpro has not done any work in my home what so ever and that was a bit of a surprise. Why would the check for my Contents go to Servpro? I do intend to engage Servpro; however, why was my content money forwarded to them. Emmit of Servpro did phone the supervisor and advised that had not been hired to perform the work as of 05/04/2016 and the check issued to them should be voided. I understand why Bank of America should be informed of my loss; however to have them placed on a check to me for loss when I pay the premiums is not very understandable. I am located in Chattanooga, Tennessee and I have an address for Bank of America in Tampa, Fl. How in the world am I going to secure a timely endorsement on my check when I have to sumbit it to BOA for endorsement? Your company has my full permission to contact BOA. What about the contents check? My question is when will this matter be concluded? My confusion and frustration grows daily. It has now been one entire month with several minor mistakes on the part of the Auto-Owners Insurance Company in Knoxville, Tennessee. Is there an acceptable solution without offending anymore people or delaying this situation further. Thank you for your time.

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