Hello Mr. House. My name is Daniel and I’m from Sweden. I am 13 years – Andrew House email address

Daniel sent a message to Andrew House President and Group CEO, Sony Computer Entertainment, Inc. that said:

Hello Mr. House. My name is Daniel and I'm from Sweden. I am 13 years old. At school we have a project about social media and we could chose to write about a website like for example Facebook.

I am a big Playstation fan. I told my teacher that Playstation is like social media because you can have friends and share things from your games. My teacher said that I could write about Playstation if I wrote about how it works and what things are special about it.
But I have to write about things like how many people are using the social media and how popular it is. I have tried to find information about this things but I can't so my mother helped me send this e-mail to you.

First things I would like to know:
-How many people are using Playstation Network?
-Where is it most popular?

Second thing is I have to write about something special about Playstation Network and the most special thing I think is the SHARE button. I would like to know:

-How many pictures have been shared from video games with the share button? (I think that would be a special about Playstation to write in my project.)

I am sorry for my english. My mother helped me with spelling but she is not very good either.

I hope you have time to read my e-mail and that you can answer my questions. Thank you so much! I love Playstation!

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