Hello Mr. Jelinek. I would like to share a very negative experience I had at – W Craig Jelinek email address

Philip sent a message to W. Craig Jelinek President and Chief Executive Officer of Costco Wholesale Corporation email address that said:

Hello Mr. Jelinek. I would like to share a very negative experience I had at one of your COSTCO stores with you. I was about to pay for my items when I noticed an extra $110.00 added to my bill. I tried to get the attention of the checker, Angelica C, but she was busy talking/visiting with the other male employee helping her and the people who were behind me. I finally got her attention and asked her about the added $110.00 to my bill. She said my COSTCO membership was due and I had to pay it right there. I paid the bill and went home. I then called the COSTCO administrative office at (562) 295-1508 and spoke with Susana. I explained to Susana what happened and she checked my membership and found that it was still current. The checker caused this because she wasn't paying attention to her job. I told Susana I wasn't happy about this and she said to come back to the store and they will "Take care of my bill". My total bill was $139.35. I arrived at the store and waited to speak with the member services people that was by the entrance. After waiting in line I spoke to a member service person. They refunded the $110.00 but not the other items that I bought . I told her that Susana said your store will "Take care of my bill". This member service person made a phone call and her supervisor came out to speak with me. He said that all they can do is refund the membership cost of $110.00. All in all, this was a very bad experience that was caused by an employee that wasn't paying attention to what she was doing. Couldn't Angelica C. check my membership card and see that the number on the receipt are different ? Doesn't "Take care of my bill" mean there going to take care of my bill for my time and trouble ? The customer service I received wasn't very good and it cost me time and trouble. My wife and I are both members, but I'm not sure if we'll be renewing it in Feb 2016 because of the poor service and employees who make big mistakes because there too busy visiting and talking to others instead of paying attention to their job. If you have any questions about this situation you can call me The Costco store is Lakewood #1050. The store is located at 340 Lakewood Center Mall, Lakewood CA 90712. Thank you for your time. Philip

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