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Hello Mr. Johnson, First off I want to start out by thanking you for all – Herbert Fisk Johnson III email address

Kyle Oppenheimer sent a message to Herbert Fisk Johnson III Chairman and CEO, S. C. Johnson Son - email address that said:

Hello Mr. Johnson,
First off I want to start out by thanking you for all the wonderful things you do for Racine. My name is Kyle Oppenheimer and Im the Executive director of Helmets to Heal. I am sure people reach out to you all the time for donations and Sir you have generously answered the call and thank you. By writing you I can only hope that this speaks to you and assisting with this ground breaking program in Racine. A little bit about us, we are a not for profit organazation based in and working out of Racine. Our mission is to lower youth concussions and other TBIs in sports programs throughout Racine. It is a 3 step concussion awareness program built to work at a grassroots level. All funding raised will be to purchase professional grade equipment and technology and put it on youth fields. Our program will concentrate with children from the ages of 6 to 18. This program is an outside the box type of organazation that takes a more proactive role. Our goal along with lowering head injuries is to make Racine the model for others to follow as it pertains to youth TBI health. Our hopes are that this organaztion can help our economy and bring in outside money.
I was born and raised in Racine and my mission is to help a city I love and the children that live here. Sir, I am humbly asking for finacial support from SC Johnson and help with making this program succeed. Their is so much more to this and I could write you a book. Helmets to Heals concussion awareness program is very robust and their is so much data to gain and help youth sports safety throughout the country. So thank you so much for your time, and I hope to talk with you in the future.
All the Best,
Kyle Oppenheimer

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