Hello, Mr. Joly! My name is Temekia , and I have been a Best Buy – Hubert Joly email address

Temekia sent a message to Hubert Joly President and CEO, Best Buy – email address that said:

Hello, Mr. Joly!

My name is Temekia , and I have been a Best Buy customer for 3 years. I was a very happy customer until May 7,2016. Best Buy automatically deducted 107 dollars out of my account without my consent. When I called them to find out why this amount was taken out, they told me I was set up for automatic payment to renew my plan. I told the customer service representative I don't remember being set up for an automatic payment. So, I got really upset and went to the Best Buy store here in North Carolina and spoke with the manager. She suggested that I should keep the tech support for my computer in case there are issues in the future. Therefore, I decided to keep tech support for my computer. I called the corporate office to let them know I wanted to keep tech support and cancel my anti-virus protection plan. The customer service representative cancelled the anti-virus service on 5/7/2016 and told me that I can expect my refund within 5 business days. When I called on 5/13/2016, the customer service representative told me that the refund for 53.61 was not processed. On 5/15, I called and the representative I originally spoke with on 5/13 cancelled my tech support which thats not what I requested. In my opinion, Mr. Joly, I think the customer service department need some improvement because it's very poor. Now, I'm still waiting for my refund which should have been processed on 5/7/2016. I'm sending you this email because I didnt like the way I was treated as a customer. Good customer service is very important in any business.

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