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I've been a Kohls customer seems like forever
I even bought my kids clothes there when they were little now my older one is 25 and my kids shop there now

Anyway I'm having a big problem with an order I placed on dec 3 2016 at 11:48 pm
The reason I'm giving the date and time is the items I ordered were only on an extra special promo from 11-23-16 thru 12-03-16

I had to hurry and the representative and I were going goofy trying to get these 3 Rachael cookware sets ordered before the promo ended

The promo was this : you had to buy Rachael cookware before midnight and they had expired at midnight
It was an unbelievable deal and I had to take advantage of this sale. These cookware sets had to be within a certain price range and were on promo for 79.99
After paying 79.99 for all three on my visa I obviously estimated that purchase to be 234.97 less 10 percent discount code plus tax . Oh my gosh when I got the total it was
433.47 !!!!!!!! Where'd that come from????
I was told after the items were delivered I was to send in for the rebates.. I'm frustrated having department after department transfer me to here n there n no one had an answer. I would have never ordered this cookware if it was so expensive. I live on low income disability and that's why I shop online. I thought the order would be somewhere around 250.00
I'm not positive but I think the order number may have been
I feel that there was much confusion and I should have been charged around 198. Subtotal. There was a ten percent code I had as well. Who can help me????? I need that 200.00 to be adjusted and put back on my debit card.
Please call me. Roxanne. Thanks sir. And hope you can take care of this matter since no one seems to know what to do or who to send me to. Happy holidays to you and yours
I am and will continue to be a CRAZY ABOUT KOHLS shopper!!!!
Oh p.s. I ordered 3 more times on my kohls charge after this mess but those are all ok
Thanks. I know you'll help me

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