Hello Mr. King.My name is Charlotte Kelley, I have an excellent credit score of – Kelly S King email address

Ruby Charlotte Kelley sent a message to Kelly S. King Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of BBT Corporation Email Address that said:

Hello Mr. King.
My name is Charlotte Kelley, I have an excellent credit score of 840. Do you know of any reason it should take 5 months to process a construction loan. I have had to deal with 5 of your employees and finally a week ago we received a phone call that said our loan was approved and we would be getting a closing date soon. No one would return our calls or emails, until today. Now we are being told we must remove a temporary structure which is housing some of our house hold things, or we must get the property re-surveyed, we owned 8 adjoining lots and just had them combined for your banks benefit. In the mean time, because of your employees dragging their feet, the interest rates have gone up in the past 5 months. It sounds like you are discriminating against our age or you just dont want to do business with us. Regardless the mountain of paperwork and time we have given you is simply ridiculous. I would love to speak to you in person if you have the time. 803-718-6893

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