Hello Mr. King,I hope you receive this email. I am a client of BB&amp – Kelly S King email address

Lillian Shephard sent a message to Kelly S. King – Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of BB&T Corporation – Email Address that said:

Hello Mr. King,

I hope you receive this email. I am a client of BB&T. I have a checking account and auto loan through your institution. I had an experience last week were I was unable to deposit funds into my account because I was home recovering from surgery. Because of that, my account was overdrafted on two back to back days and I was charged $180 in overdraft fees. I went to a branch and was told that all could be refunded was $36. I then proceeded to contact customer care for assistance asking for a one time courtesy since this has not happened before. I was told no. I asked how I would then close accounts if I am being treated like a tally instead of a person. In the response from BB&T I was told that your institution prides itself on treating everyone equally. I dont think its equal that the weekend the system went down, everyone received a refund for their overdraft fees even if it wasnt related to the outage. The only response I received was instructions on how to close the account and no acknowledgement of anything else I said. That had me floored because I was like "wow, I really dont matter". I am only asking for the additional $144 back. I am a single parent on a fixed income and that money can definitely go to medical bills.

Thank you for your consideration.

Lillian Shephard

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