Hello Mr. Lampert My name is Luke a son of Bethel/Miriam . My dad is – Edward Lampert email address

Bethel/Miriam sent a message to Edward Lampert Chairman and CEO of Sears Holdings Email Address that said:

Hello Mr. Lampert
My name is Luke a son of Bethel/Miriam.
My dad is a WW11 navy vet and is 94 years old and my mom is 81. They have been married for 66 years and they have been sears customers since i was a child(62yrs.)! They have had three ice makers put in their fridge since April and none of them have worked. They have yearly warranties on all the sears appliances they own. They finally were promised a new fridge last week and the one they brought don't fit through the door! They are now told it will be later on in the month before they can deliver another one! This has been a nightmare from your customer service dept. They have called so many times its unbelievable! No customer should have to go through this ordeal! I am asking for your help in getting this matter corrected! They are old school and don't like to complain but this is very unprofessional on your customer service people! They have been told so many things by different people concerning the ice makers, the warrant, the time of delivery etc! Once again they have been sears customers when they ordered out of the old catalogs at the old catalog store centers in Georgetown SC. I am asking you to help solve this matter for my parents. I own /operate a beach front bar/grill and a hospitality uniform business in Myrtle Beach SC. I understand you should have people in place to take care of these issues but its not being taken care of. I hate to worry you about this small of a problem to you but its a problem for my parents! The store location is at coastal grand mall in Myrtle Beach SC. My dad loves sears and all his tools,etc are sears products. THANK YOU for your time and consideration concerning this matter! If you are ever in Myrtle Beach stop by my business (St. Clements Beach Bar/Grill) on the ocean at 70th ave, north and have lunch/drinks on me! My parents name is M/M Bethel

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