Hello Mr.Lundgren,my name is Nicoleta and I am working as seasonal at Macy – Terry Lundgren email address

Nicolette sent a message to Terry J. Lundgren Chairman, President, and CEO, Macy’s, Inc. that said:

Hello Mr.Lundgren,my name is Nicoleta and I am working as seasonal at Macy in Lakeside Mi. I don't know if you will get this email but I am hoping you do ,and maybe you may be able to bring back some of that loving and caring Macy spirit that I was always a costume to. Now that I am part of the team I see things differently,I see them how they are and i have to tell you it's not pretty. The whole store looks like a tornado hit both departments first and second floor in the same time, the floors have not been vacuum in God now how long, the shelves are dusty the bathrooms are dirty , there is more clothes on the floor than on the hangers. And it's not enough staff to take care of everything, from what I've seen since I came on board the full time employers does a lot of talking but not so much of anything else. And some of them are just mean to the new ones. And I have to tell u Mr.Lundgren some of them are very good , young and energetic good and positive attitude good sales people that don't have a chance because some of the full time employees don't let them get close to the register they will send them to do recovery for as long as they could. And on the other hand you have a few good people that are the managers for different departments and they work more hard than anyone else and are a source of inspiration to me . I love Macy with all my heart and i come with pleasure to serve our customers, I get great pleasure to see the smile on their face but I go home with a lot of sadnesses when I see how things are running . Mr Lundgren please keep this email confidential I wanted you to be aware of some things going on here. Macy is the most beautiful department store in the world and it's the only luxury department store that rewards it's customers with the same star , the Macy Star ! Thank you for taking the time to read my email. Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

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