Hello Mr.Mansell, I’m so sorry that I have to bother you over such a – Kevin Mansell email address

Susan sent a message to Kevin Mansell – Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and President of Kohl’s Corporation – Email Address that said:

Hello Mr.Mansell, I'm so sorry that I have to bother you over such a petty situation, but I feel no one in your company cares enough to take time to fix this for my mother. My mom Janet Williamson has been a very loyal customer of Kohls for many years. She has always payed her Kohls bill in full on time every time. She went to the Kohls store in Marlton NJ in March to pay off a bill. The women at the register told my mom she could use the $60.00 gift card she had toward her bill and then she wrote a check for the difference . Now it's the month of May and Janet is receiving a letter saying she has late charges and she never payed this bill. We called your customer service several times and told them the story how it was paid already and they said they have no proof that she used a card or payed this bill. Then the second time we called they found the check but not the gift card. They told her there's nothing they can do for her to find the gift card that she used and that she is responsiblestill for the $60 plus the late fees. My mom will never shop in Kohls ever again. She is so upset that's why I' m sending this email. She loved your stores and always paid her bill in full and on time, and they don't believe her over $60.00. I cannot believe Kohls would want to loose such a loyal customer. Thank you for your time. Susan

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