Hello Mr.Mcann I’m writing to complain about the unfair treatment I received at fannie – James McCann email address

David sent a message to James McCann – CEO, 1-800-FLOWERS – Email Address that said:

Hello Mr.Mcann I'm writing to complain about the unfair treatment I received at fannie may. I was suspended on 4/26/2016 for mispunched slips which I filled out correctly. I was called in the office by brandon bass for not putting the correct times which were 8:03 on day and the other 8:06 which I did put the correct times down. I have been targeted for months I feel like. I've seen other employees not come to work for weeks nothing happened, I've watched employees go on lunch breaks not clock out when they leave but clock inwhen they get back and take one hour lunch breaks nothing happen to them. I've watched employees leave the job on breaks and don't come back,I have been lied on by Debbie she's a supervisor for wholesale, she tried to say I treated another employee which was found out to be a lie and nothing happened. I was drug tested because another employee girl friend called the job and said me and the other employee was getting high which was found out to be a lie. The list goes on I was never wrote up or giving a chance just suspension until further notice I have 5 kids I have been working hard for fannie may since the fire, working at the freezer on 55th in Cleveland for a year and going back to Twinsburg then maple hts. I feel that I was misused,harassment, unfair treatment, lied on,blamed for things,over worked more than others. It's not fair that my employee rights have been violated brandon let's other supervisor talk to employees any kind of way Debbie gina Mike Brown all can say and do what they want and nothing happens. Mike Brown say bad words to his employees I've been his victim so have many other,Debbie and gina does the same. A lot of employees at fannie may feel the same way. I did the best for the company just look my name up in the system it will show that I did my job. I felt you should know these things because it is important for the company and future business. Thanks for your time I'm looking to speak more with a phone call from somebody in cooperated. David please call me thanks

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