Hello Mr. Mondello,I am trying to get a video over to you from an – Mark T Mondello email address

Mona Andrews sent a message to Mark T. Mondello Chief Executive Officer at Jabil Circuit Inc. Email Address that said:

Hello Mr. Mondello,

I am trying to get a video over to you from an earlier event in October where Jabil was honored and one of your employees at the DEAC (Disability Employment Awareness Celebration) held at the Hilton waterfront downtown St.Petersburg.

We have worked in placing your daughter Gina at Mc Donalds in the past and not sure if you recall us?

Would there be a time that we could meet with you as we bring the Mayor out to do a thank you and also present a plaque to Jabil and would very much like for you to be the person he hands this over to since you represent Jabil and understand what we do to help people.

My number is 813-477-0545 and I am the director of Placementworks.

We look forward to hearing back from you!

Our very best to you and your family and please tell Gina we said hello!

Mona Andrews

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