Hello Mr. Nassetta, I recently stayed at The Hilton Netherlands in downtown Cincinnati August – Christopher J Nassetta email address

Colleen Curry sent a message to Christopher J. Nassetta - President and Chief Executive Officer of Hilton Worldwide - Email Address that said:

Hello Mr. Nassetta,
I recently stayed at The Hilton Netherlands in downtown Cincinnati August 2-6th for a business conference. I am writing you to tell you how unacceptable and disgraceful the service was from the front desk staff. Our trip started off with our bags being lost by American airlines, Hampton inn refused to let u check in and after talking to 11 people between corporate, business center and hotel we got no where. so we called and had to pay over $1300 for a king bed at Hilton. So fast forward to around 10pm we called and Spoke with with a African American woman names Tinya? or Kinya? not sure how to spell it. we told her we were waiting for our luggage to be delivered that we were going to bed. but here are the names of the 3 girls waiting on their stuff. well apparently around 2:45 am she refused the carrier with our luggage.
we woke up to the carrier calling us after many calls that we missed. we didnt hear the phone calls because we were sleeping. He said he was in shock at how rude and tacky she was and the level at which she spoke down to him, and that he has never had this happen and also would be calling and complaining. so since his shift ended he had to bring the luggage back to CVG airport and leave it. we get woken up to that same front desk agent saying that we werent allowed to have 4 girls in the room and that we wouldnt be allowed to stay. our king suite had plenty of room for 4 girls and it says on the website max is 4 people. So my roommate Rachel went down and complained to the front desk manager at 7am and he just gave her $50. however for the rest of the trip any time we called asking for towels, scale to weigh bags, etc she was crazy rude. If she doesnt like her job that much then she shouldnt work in front desk or the hospitality industry. I am so embarrassed to have stayed there. she was unbelievably rude and just flat out trashy with her behavior. Hiltons motto is suppose to be the worlds choice of travelers and I will never stay at this location again!
Racheal Braddock had the room in her name, however I paid majority of the room since the girls were on a budget. I expect a full refund check to be sent to my address. and for that woman to be fired and or atleast some classes on manners and Hilton 101
Colleen Curry
confirmation number 3373676055

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