Hello Mr. O’Reilly, how are you? Well I hope, My name is Michael and I – Michael OLeary email address

Michele sent a message to Michael O’Leary – CEO, Ryanair – Email Address that said:

Hello Mr. O'Reilly, how are you? Well I hope 🙂
My name is Michael and I am Italian from Pisa. I'm here to ask you why not restore a direct flight from Leipzig to Pisa or even why not from Dresden? I ask this because I have a German girl, in fact Leipzig and visit her makes me so uncomfortable, and because eventually come from Berlin that totals 8 hours of journey which is not little and limits me in the visits / meetings in Pisa or Leipzig. Now in the city of Leipzig are many Italian residents who have moved because of the crisis and working to have a direct flight would be not only for me but for all Italians very convenient and would do all of us very happy 🙂 I hope you will take into account the my request and wish you good work. Michele

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