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Hello Mr. Robo,

I am having a huge problem with FPL. I have only had my power on for 1 week and during that time I have already been on the phone with FPL customer service several times. It took a week to have my power turned on in the first place due to no fault of my own. Everytime I speak to an FPL representative the information they are giving me changes.

1) The first time I spoke with FPL they told me that I would have no deposit but that they could not turn my power on in my name until they spoke with my landlord. I informed them that my landlord just had a mojor surgery and he may not be able to answer the phone. They assured me that someone would contact him and then get back to me.

2)No one ever got back to me

3)fast forward 1 week, I get a letter in the mail stating that my request to have power turned on in my name has been denied.

4) A few hours later my power is turned off.

5) I call fpl and argue with someone for over an hour because they say they couldnt reach my landlord. Finally I call my landlord myself (while hes still in the hospital) and inform him that FPL will be calling and he needs to pick up the phone. I hold on the other line until the agent is through with my landlord, the agent comes back and we finish the installation process.

6) At the end of the call the agent informs me that my deposit will be $400!!!!!! I told him that the last agent told me that I wouldnt have a deposit. He insists that there is nothing he can do.

7) I speak to several different people who tell me several different answers on whether they can change my deposit and I am given several different amounts that they can change it to. Ranging from only being able to lower it to $260 to $330!

8) Finally I speak with someone who agrees to lower it to $160. Then by the end of her call shes telling me that now I owe $80 from a previous address. Which is a complete fabrication!!!!! I know I paid my past bills! And why is this only coming up after speaking with over 5 different people!!!!!!

9) She agrees to look into the situation and only charge me the $160 deposit for now.

10) I get online to pay my deposit and the website says I owe $253!! I pay the $160 and immediately call customer service. Before I speak to a representative the automated system informs me that I have a zero balance.

11) I explain this to the rep and they inform me that I know have a past due balance of $163 from a previous address!!! And that there is a $12 activation fee!!!! What?!?!

I am very dissatisfied with FPL customer service! I am extremely unhappy that this is a monopoly and I dont have any choice BUT to deal with this company! I would like my account fixed immediately. I am tired of playing these games and I would deeply appreciate some attention to this matter.

Very dissatisfied customer!
Krystal Thomason

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