Hello Mr. Rogers, I am writing you as I have already written several letters and – William H Rogers Jr email address

Nekibra Oglesby sent a message to William H. Rogers, Jr. - Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of SunTrust Banks - Email Address that said:

Hello Mr. Rogers,

I am writing you as I have already written several letters and I feel like Ive exhausted every option that I have available. I have been a loyal and dedicated customer with Suntrust Mortgage since 2005. Since that time, I have paid all of my mortgage payments on time with no issues.

However in November 2016, I was laid off of my job and as a result I was unable to pay for few months of mortgage payments.

Once I found employment, I immediately was able to pay all of the past due amounts, late fees, etc. Today, I am current on my mortgage.

I am emailing you to request some compassion, some grace, and goodwill adjust on the late payments that are reflecting on my credit report. The recent and significant decline in my credit score has been a devastating change for my family. Im a single mother and my family can not afford the additional costs, fees, interest rates, larger down payments, etc that the decline in my credit score brings.

Im requesting a goodwill adjustment on the negative marks. I am requesting the removal of the negative marks on the basis that prior to my financial hardship, I was an excellent steward over my finances and I ALWAYS paid all of my bills on time, especially my mortgage. Im begging and pleading that you all please consider my request.

Thank you for your time and consideration,

Nekibra Oglesby

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