Hello Mr.Rogers,I know we had difficulties your trying to help my fiance David – William H Rogers Jr email address

Christel Stein sent a message to William H. Rogers, Jr. - Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of SunTrust Banks - Email Address that said:

Hello Mr.Rogers,I know we had difficulties your trying to help my fiance David Mark and I am truly sorry, that it gave you problems. I had a lot of problems too with my accounts, they thought it was a scam and it took me a long time to get every thing straightend out again. In the process of doing so I lost two of my credit cards and I was told all the money you had forwarded to those accounts was indeed returned.
David is back in the States now, I did everything I could help him to get here, but he is still in Washington, DC and has no money to get home to Garden Grove,CA. I have no more money to help him, so please can you just help him with $ 1,000 to get home? I know he will pay you back as soon as he can get to his bank, but he needs to be there in person. Please I beg you help him this one last time, I will make sure, that you get the money back owed to you. Please Mr.Rogers, David is very distressed, some one has kidnapped his children, why, I do not know, but he has the emails to proof it to you. He needs to get to his bank and be able to search for the children, he so dearly loves. So please I beg you just one more time help him with $ 1,000 to get to CA, I vouch for him, but I do not have the money to longer support him. Please help, you are our last resort. Hope for a favorable reply from you and your answer. Thank you and God bless you.
Christel Stein

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