Hello Mr. Salzwedel. I am a Hospice Intake Coord and Hospice HR Coord. in Prescott – Jack C Salzwedel email address

Tracy Hunt sent a message to Jack C. Salzwedel - Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of American Family Insurance - Email Address that said:

Hello Mr. Salzwedel. I am a Hospice Intake Coord and Hospice HR Coord. in Prescott, AZ who was recently in a car accident with one of your clients. Your client was at fault. He admitted to his fault to the police. There was also a witness. I was taken the to ER where I suffered a concussion, whiplash and several bruises. I had only had my car for 11 days!! It still had temporary tags on it. Since then I have had a few conversations with your people and its been anything but nice. The accident happened on the 25th, I have a claim number yet they are holding back in getting me a rental car. I personally faxed over to YOUR staff the police report and they are telling me they dont have it! Youre commercials are warm and fuzzy, but Im getting the run around and lied to!! I have names and dates of these individuals that Ive been speaking with, We live in a small community and the word of mouth travels fast! You look like a nice man but I dont know who your people are getting their training from. Im the one who was hit, hurt and lost her car that I only had for 11 days!!!!! Yet Im being scolded as if Im the one who owes your company something. Shawn Green told me today that I needed to be quite and listen to him today or he was just going to stop talking. He is the one who lied and said he didnt have the police report, but turned around and said the witnesses phone number wasnt on the report. How would he know that if he didnt have the police report?? And the witnesses phone number was on the report. I read it off to him. I dont want to be treated rough or be bullied or lied to anymore!! Im into games! I just want what is right. I can be reached at 928-710-8586

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