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Evelyn Bobe sent a message to Bob Sasser - Chief Executive Officer and President of Dollar Tree Stores, Inc. - Email Address that said:

Hello Mr. Sasser,
Id like to start by saying Im very grateful for being able to work at your dollar tree 1396. I love my customers.. I love my work..the employees although at times it may be tough I do still enjoy working there. Unfortunately I will be leaving your company because I feel I am being targeted by my store manager by being harassed and being discriminated against because I am of the Latin race. Im very respectful and do as much work as one person can do. I am not the only Latin person she is mistreating in that place.. I had a miscarriage last month because of stress and I wasnt able to tell my manager because I dont trust her. I didnt speak up before because I was afraid she would make my workplace more miserable than it already was, I was afraid to lose my job and being the head of household makes me think twice about what I say or do because it can jeopardize having a roof over our head. Last year I called my district manager because she wanted me to work overtime and also deduct it from my check..so I wouldnt get paid overtime..my district manager said it was okay because I get paid for everything I work..I worked overtime because a manager quit and no one wanted to cover including my store manager.. she found out I called Paul and she made my life HELL for a few weeks..I was ready to quit but toughened up. I cant be tough anymore. And although I absolutely love this company I must leave..everyday I feel sad..bullied..I cried at the register while ringing up customers because she scolded me in the office for losing a shopping cart, and for coming in a half hour early and actually working on the clock, which she edited my time and said she didnt authorized that half HR..i only did it because I needed to get out early on a later date that week. Heres the thing, she allows the merch manager who is black to change her time whenever and do whatever because they are the same color. But I come in a half hour early and she wants to take away time I worked. What am I supposed to do if My store manager is a bully towards me and my race? She refers to me as that fucking girl to my employees and gives me no respect by doing so and telling them my personal business and accusing me of smoking marijuana when in reality everyone in that store smokes weed and come to work high and she doesnt say a word and does not write them up. I had goals to go up the chain of command and be someone important. Those dreams are gone now because she is making my life miserable to the point where I am now looking for other opportunities. I say goodbye to dollartree, but this needs to be addressed. Interview the store employees and reassure them of their jobs and they will tell you everything you need to know about Meirra Rush store 1396. I was really looking forward to becoming someone important within the dollartree corporation but being harassed and discriminated against makes me feel unappreciated and low. Leaving her store now makes me feel free, but Im sure she will try to make my last two weeks hell. Thank you for your time,
Evelyn Bobe
Asst manager st01396

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