Hello Mr. Stack, I am a frequent shopper at your store in Concord NH. My – Edward W Stack email address

Tammy sent a message to Edward W. Stack – Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Dick’s Sporting Goods – Email Address that said:

Hello Mr. Stack,
I am a frequent shopper at your store in Concord NH. My husband and I did our research to purchase a new elliptical machine and drove 45 minutes to pick up the Sole E55 which was advertised for $999.97. We were disappointed to find out that it had sold out. We were told we could drive a round trip of 4 hours to the next store or order on line for free delivery. We called to order online and completed the order after 48 minutes on the phone with a very pleasant but frustrated call service person. Her name was Sasha and let me tell you ...she went out of her way to help us make this simple purchase but her supervisor was of no help. The special you are running in the store is not coinciding with the online option and on top of that my frequent "flyer" card wouldn't even come up in the system even though it showed up the previous day in the store.
The purpose of my email is to let you know Sasha spent 48 minutes with us on a phone call to order 1 piece of equipment. If I were CEO I wouldn't be happy about hearing this. Just thought you should know because as a customer I will never purchase online or by phone again. Please if you have the chance talk to Sasha...you might learn something about your company.

IN good health,
May 2017 bring you speedier service.

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