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Hello Mr Stack, I am writing in regard to a purchase I made online at – Edward W Stack email address

Joseph sent a message to Edward W. Stack – Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Dick’s Sporting Goods – Email Address that said:

Hello Mr Stack, I am writing in regard to a purchase I made online at  on 11/27. The web site said there was 25% off and free shipping. In making the purchase of 2 items in the cart showed no discounts. So I did the chat online first with Scott . He said If I wanted to make the purchase to chat back in 30 minutes to adjust the pricing. So I made the purchase and chatted back after 30 minutes passed. then I got Kenneth . on the chat. He then told me that I would get the credit on my account after the item shipped. When I received the notice saying it was shipped I spoke to Tara on the phone She told me it takes a few days to process That I should have it by Friday. Now Monday I have received the items via UPS and still no Credit on my account. I called again and then was told it takes several days to process and was indeed processed on 12/4. Still not showing on my account. My last call to customer service was totally horrible. How the man told me I was wrong and that my order was cancelled. (obviously not. I have the product) He told me I was not listening to him, When He should have been listening to me. (The Consumer.) He was belligerent to me to the point of making me so angry I was saying thing I wouldn't ordinarily say. Then He hung up on me after I told him I needed to talk to a supervisor. He told me there was no supervisor available. All I wanted to do was explain to a manager how I thought this matter was not handled well. So here I am now trying to contact the CEO of this company to express my displeasure with the situation. I hope you get this email. With all due respect, I thank you for letting me vent to you directly. If you wish to contact me further about this or to clarify certain points Thank You and have a Wonderful Holiday !! Joseph

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