Hello Mr. Stephenson, My name is Lakia – Randall Stephenson email address

lakia sent a message to Randall L. Stephenson Chairman and CEO, ATT Inc. that said:

Hello Mr. Stephenson,

My name is Lakia . I am emailing today because of the lack of customer service your agents have as well as the misinformation and willingness to work with customers. I have an account from almost two years ago, at the time the agent we spoke with told us to keep the equipment because we were moving and it could be connected at new residents. We did, we ended up relocating states and took a lot longer to find a home than expected. When we went in a store we were told to return the current equipment so we could receive the credit so we can settle the balance after which would be $492 to restart service. I did as told, I called back into customer service and was told the equipment had been received and the credit would be issued during the next billing cycle. Great! I waited till almost the end of the month, no new bill, no email I called back in spoke to another young lady was told credit was being processed and would receive in a few days. I waited another week called back in was told to wait till the next month and I would receive the credit, I then asked if I would receive and email or bill to my home, I was told bill to my home so I updated my mailing address. This month started which is the next month, I called in the lady helping me tried to give me the credit but stated it was more than she was approved to give and would escalate it for a manual credit. In the meantime I spoke by chat with two different reps both of which stated I would be receiving the credit. I have included those chat session in this email as attachments. I find this very dishearten that my husband and I are trying to become Att customers once again, have returned your equipment (although we were going to use the same equipment) and are now being told by the 8th person that all 7 people ahead of them do not know their jobs. Upon speaking with the 8th person I am now being told that the manager in the store, the 4 over the phone agents and the 2 chat agents are all wrong I will not receive a credit for the equipment but thanks for returning it but I will still have to pay for it. That is unacceptable after being told for 45 days by numerous people that I would receive a credit only to be told in the end sorry they Lied (because essentially that'€™s how it feels). All I am asking for is the credit issued to me as I was told it would be for our merchandise I have returned if I'€™m paying for something shouldn'€™t I own it but I don’t you do, it has been returned and check out to be working yet you still want me to pay for it.
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